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Welcome to the Laboratory of Fluid Separations at the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering.


Our group is among international leaders in the field of modelling, simulation and experimental validation of reactive and hybrid separation processes.

A multinational team of scientific and non-scientific staff members headed by Professor Andrzej Górak works closely together with industrial partners to gain new scientific insights.

Currently, we focus on process intensification, bioseparations with regard to white and red biotechnology, hybrid separation processes as well as conventional fluid separations.

The laboratory of fluid separations is also known as "Lehrstuhl für Fluidverfahrenstechnik" or FVT in an abbreviated version.


Habilitation of Dr.-Ing. Mirko Skiborowski


Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppen Fluidverfahrenstechnik, Adsorption und Extraktion


Information about open positions can be found here


Current lectures